about us

First company in the world to approach hair and scalp care through a Dermatological Scientific Approach with a product range that contains true natural ingredients with no chemicals and with the active ingredient of pro-peptides for skin, scalp, and hair follicle healing.

Our Vision & Philosophy

Deliver world class beauty and hair products and solutions while giving our customers a peace of mind.

  • Efficacy
  • 100% Natural
  • No Fillers or Tableting Aids
  • No Artificial Components Ingredients

The brainchild of Magken® are a group of trichologists, dermatologists, scientists, and salon operators to achieve the purest and most natural treatment of beauty for hair and skin.

Our Promise & Values

Using the best Method, Magken® promises to achieve Accuracy in our beauty & Hair solutions and share these solutions Generously with our customers. Magken® uses the Knowledge of beauty & hair experts to formulate our products so as to enhance product Effectiveness and preserve product Naturalness.

  • To revitalize the body’s senses with products that are effective and gentle on the stomach
  • To build vital relationships with customers, fair trade partners, and to maintain a solid team
  • To produce top-notch products and solutions beauty and hair
  • To ensure continuous innovation for the cultivation of natural beauty for the hair and body worldwide.

Our clinical trial approach

Magken® Series have gone a number of clinical trials for safety and efficacy. The line of Magken® products underwent 9 years of research, product development, and clinical trials with the use of science and technology to attain the best products.

Our Scientific Team

Magken® is a group of trichologists, dermatologists, scientists of different disciplines, and salon operators. Each member of the group brings unique insights and helps us achieve our goal of producing the purest and most natural treatment of beauty better and safer for the hair and skins.