Magken® Series

why magken® is being formed

Magken® aims to look for the best beauty & hair product and solution that is able to cultivate internal wellness and bring out natural radiance from the inside. Common beauty & hair products are only able to rectify beauty problems on the surface and hence, results are often short lived. Magken® was formed to bridge the gap and offer beauty products that are able to enhance beauty through internal means.

Magken® promises to provide top-notch natural beauty & products and solutions that supersede its product value to make sure “1 + 1 > 2”. Leveraging on the latest technology to build up the ecosystem community between various products will encourage seamless information exchange and ensure greater business network transparency. Hence, this will help to boost customer’s confidence in Magken®’s products.

The Science

Magken®’s Pro-Peptides are amino acids that have the ability to help build the skin. These are the essential building blocks of our skin. Without ProPeptides, the skin does not continue to be intact. Thus, the outcome is typically deficiency of skin’s firmness, development of wrinkles, change of texture, and skin that doesn’t bounce back as it once did.

Magken®’s Pro-Peptides retains and protects skin moist, while helping to build a new healthy skin from the inside. They are the Bio-Polymer found in the cellular walls of our skin cells.

Based on studies, these Magken®’s Pro-Peptides proved extraordinary biological response to positively affect the body even in topical application to the skin. The most significant of these properties are skin protection, skin moisturizing effects, photo-protective effects, and a significant skin penetration and immune stimulation effects, which accelerate healing and skin repair at the cellular level.

Hence, here comes the launch of MAGKEN® Kare Hair and Skin Series.

Hair Care Industry

The Aesthetic Industry has gone light years ahead of the Hair Care Industry. The Hair Care Industry since the last 30-40 years has not seen any significant advancement in technology or unique novel ingredients to provide proven efficacy for complete hair and scalp care. MagKen®’s approach is very simple since skin structure is similar to our hair and scalp structure.

To put it simply, the Aesthetic’s Industry and its innovative approach in the recent years for anti-aging has not been applied to Hair and Scalp Care type products. Magken®’s Scientific team (SoinsKare) has evaluated what is truly effective in the Aesthetic Industry, and has focused on true skin care and therefore the invention of Pro-peptides.

Basically, when these cells get damaged, they negate to perish and instead just take up space and cause a lot of the damages, including hair loss and an unhealthy hair and scalp. The Pro-Peptides target senescent cells, which are impaired cells that no longer split or do anything valuable for the body, but are still metabolically active. As we age, we get more of these cells, which cause a variety of health problems.

Magken® Skin & Hair Science Industry

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